Welcome to the Hydrate Virtual Clinic!

Here you can access some of the things we offer in-office, from the comfort of your home.

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Order supplements through our online dispensary

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Virtual Appointments

We have two types of virtual consultations available. These appointments can replace in-office Naturopathic consultations, or a clinical counselling session. These are great if you have a new issue you’d like to talk to the doctor about, need supplement advice, need a prescription faxed to a pharmacy, or have lab results to review.

Virtual appointments are preferred if you do not require in-person treatment by a doctor. This keeps our clinic as safe and sanitary as possible for patients who require urgent care. These appointments are always available to everyone, especially if mobility is a problem, or if you are feeling too unwell to leave your home.

TeleHealth Online Visit

Our online visits are conducted through a secure, encrypted chat system within our booking software. These appointments are great because you and the doctor can see each other as if you were in the same room, which is very helpful for specific diagnostic and personal reasons. These appointments can be conducted on a computer or on a mobile smartphone.

Booking a TeleHealth appointment is easy! Simply book online or call us. You will be sent an email 15 minutes before your appointment is scheduled to begin, that will contain a link that takes you to the secure chat system. This program works best on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Phone Consultations

Distance consultations can be conducted over the phone. They are great if you don’t have a computer available for video, or if you only need a quick 10-minute appointment. These appointments can be scheduled online or over the phone, just let us know which phone number you would prefer us to use on the day of your appointment.


Here, you can order refills of the supplements you have been prescribed by our doctors. For your convenience, these items will be shipped directly to your home, and you can view all of the directions and doctor’s notes that come along with your prescription.

To order through Fullscript, we do require that each patient has signed up with us and received supplement recommendations from one of our doctors. After you have received these, you’re ready to order your products online!





Order Skin Care Products

We have an online portal available to order AlumierMD, a line of clean and effective medical-grade skin products. These products must be prescribed by one of our doctors, so make sure you’ve had a consult before purchasing. You can view their products on their website.

View AlumierMD Products