Wellness IV Therapy

IV nutrient therapy is the fastest and easiest way to deliver nutrients and fluids to your body. Our IV’s are made up of the highest quality vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. All are administered by a licensed professional (ND) in our relaxing lounge.

Potential Benefits of IV Therapy:

100% absorption

Fast nutrient delivery

Restoration of depleted nutrient levels

Rehydrates tissues

Why should I get Wellness IV Therapy? 

IV’s bypass absorption by the gut, allowing nutrients to be delivered directly to the body. IV’s can be administered for acute and chronic conditions.

What should I expect on my first visit?

You will consult with one of our Naturopathic physicians to determine the best treatment for you, then the IV is administered. When you receive a Wellness IV Treatment, you sit comfortably while a sterile IV line is started, and your custom formulated nutrient cocktail is infused. During this time, you can relax, read a book, chat with other patients, nap, or simply relax. We use only the safest and most advanced nutrient therapies to keep you feeling your best and we custom tailor your IV nutrients to your individual needs. This first appointment takes approximately 1.5 hours.

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